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Chainwheels from Köbo

One of the worlds leading manufacturers of precision
rollerchains, conveying chains and their attachments

The Köhler + Bovenkamp company was formed in 1894. The KÖBO group is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of precision transmission and conveying chain along with their associated attachments and wheels.

Over 100 years design and manufacturing experience ensures that orders for standard and special chains are fulfilled promptly.

Our highly qualified staff are ready and able to visit your premises or sites throughout Europe at any time to provide technical advice and assistance. Here in the Netherlands we carry a large and comprehensive stock of our standard range of products and can offer immediate delivery on receipt of order. This service spares you, our customer, the necessity of carrying large stocks of chains and sprockets. All these advantages are at your disposal.

Make KÖBO aware of your needs and problems - Our staff are always available to assist you.


Logo Köbo

Köbo Nederland BV - Rigaweg 24 (Ind.Terr.’Euvelgunne’)

9723 TH Groningen

Tel.: +31 (0)50-541 71 00

P.O. Box 334

9700 AH Groningen

Fax.: +31 (0)50-541 05 91

E-mail: sales@kobo.nl

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